Valera and Maude Motovilov Family

Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic, is number five in the list of most visited cities in Europe, containing fourteen UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also the third most atheistic country in the world. Valera and Maude Motovilov and their children live in Prague where they share the love of Jesus with this culturally-rich but spiritually-needy country.

The Motovilovs have been working with HIM since 2006. They first spent nine years in Russia pioneering a new work right in Valera’s hometown. Then for three years they worked with children in South Africa. In 2019 they moved to Czech Republic to work among the 70,000 Russian-speaking people living there. The Motovilovs are helping young people learn the English language while using this as an opportunity to teach them about God and His plan of salvation. Your purchase of GC Coffee will support the Motovilovs in their mission.

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